Workshop Testimonials

“These workshop are very deep and work with subtle and fluid movements. Its gentleness is unassuming yet it creates surprisingly tremendous shifts in ones body, consciousness and relationship to the planet. Carolines teaching is inspiring. It gives you glimpses into a whole different way of being… effortless being… allowing, exploring, and freeing your body through your spine. Its an experience beyond the space of words. I’m very grateful for these teachings and for Caroline’s example.”

Kristin Giacopelli

“I’ve tried a lot of different types of yoga, but I always had this unsupported feeling and was honestly afraid of getting hurt. When I found Caroline and Scaravelli inspired yoga, it was completely different. I always have difficulty explaining it to people, the word “yoga” can conjur up so many expectations. For me, working with Caroline teaches you how to safely use your body by freeing up the spine. It’s taught me about alignment, rooting yourself to the earth while simultaneously stretching up to the sky and loving that energy flow. It’s a joyful playful practice that celebrates your body as you learn how to release it from old patterns. I’m smiling as I write this – its been truly liberating and life changing.”

Dee Ann Bauer – Bali 2018

Past Retreat Testimonials

“I have been on the retreat for two years now and cannot quite express the magic that it provides. The yoga practice with Caroline is beyond words, one of the most nourishing and nurturing things I have ever done for my mind, body and soul. Caroline is an incredible teacher and she offers a unique gift in her approach to the practice. It’s so rare and so treasured to have her as a guide to unravel layers of “stuff”!!

Then being in such a splendid place such as the retreat in Sabina where you are able to find solitude or join in lovely conversations with a fabulous bunch of women. Being in retreat with just the female energy is so healing in itself. I cannot recommend this experience enough. I  think it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.”


“I went to the Sabina retreat two years in a row and wish I could go every year or even more often! The week taught me how to relax and switch off from everything. There is a community feeling and also time to spend on your own in nature. The setting, pool and food are more beautiful than can be depicted in photographs, and I found it life changing to do the yoga in such an intense way (a few hours each day) with Caroline. It transformed my painful back and gave me a much better understanding of what Scaravelli is about. It is a week of learning, relaxation, fun and chance to make new friends.”


“The first time I went to In Sabina for the yoga retreat run by Caroline Hutton, I knew I would love everything about it… set in a magical spot in the hills of Italy, with a beautiful yoga pavilion to take time for practicing this wonderful yoga with Caroline, what’s not to like! Having said that, I still packed my trainers, thinking I might need to get out, a whole week doing yoga might turn me stir crazy! Well, I never used my trainers that week and never wanted to ‘get out’ and after the first day, started to unwind and take advantage of this magical time to be quiet and not worry about anything but yourself, something we all need in this busy world. There was plenty of time also to rest and relax around a lovely pool in the warmth of the sun or find a quiet spot away from everyone, to be peaceful but also to laugh and get to know a group of women, you may not have met otherwise, while enjoying some truly delicious healthy meals all prepared by the lovely team at In Sabina where nothing is too much trouble to make your stay happy. At In Sabina, they also offer a couple of trips out, or invite a guest in to talk about Olive Oil, so there is never a dull moment. The yoga is wonderful and I never felt it was too much but on the contrary, it gave us all time to really explore ourselves and our bodies which was so beneficial for everyone. I would really recommend it to anyone who is interested in exploring Scaravelli yoga more and Caroline is a wonderful teacher with so much enthusiasm and energy which is infectious and who knows what you might learn on this trip! Finally, I would say it is very special having time with just a group of women who all love yoga and there is a real warmth and love around the whole week with also a lot of laughs!”


“I have been twice now to Sabina and each time I have been I have not wanted to leave. The retreat is such a relaxing place to be, the food so healthy and delicious and the yoga that Caroline teaches is so informative that you can feel every part of your body correcting itself day by day. Incorporating the yoga with meditation I am set up for the months ahead until the time comes round again. I would not miss it for the world.”